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California channels inner Hitler and adopts Nazi rules

California Introduces COVID-19 Vaccine Verification System. This is the time to push back and tell the Government no! Jefferson said it is a rightful remedy to reject overreaching government.

Overreach and infringement on rights in the name of Safety.

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Social Justice? Part 2

Be “Less White” – Part 2 – Be Less Arrogant

Welcome back for Part 2 of our series exploring Coca-Cola’s racist and discriminatory efforts to make white employees be “less white.

In this part we focus on the “Be Less Arrogant” commandment as decreed in the training video they forced employees to indoctrinate themselves with.

Be Less Arrogant

From the Merriam-Webster dictionary:

Arrogant – adjective

Definition of Arrogant:

1: exaggerating or disposed to exaggerate one’s own worth or importance often by an overbearing manner.

an arrogant official

2: showing an offensive attitude of superiority: proceeding from or characterized by arrogance

an arrogant reply

The first question we need to ask Coca-Cola, or anyone else foolishly pandering to this PC idiocy, is this…

Are you making a blanket statement that categorically accuses all white people of being arrogant, based solely on the color of their skin?

Not only is this type of forced indoctrination unconstitutional, unethical, immoral and racist, it is also an act of unbridled and ARROGANT assumption against an entire race of people. The hypocrisy of Coca-Cola and Robin DiAngelo, the creator of the training session, is astounding. I am sure that DiAngelo lacks the fundamental intelligence required to see her own arrogance in creating such self-hating and mentally damaging tripe.

We are again faced with the false narrative that a human trait found throughout history, in ALL cultures, is somehow now just a “white thing.” 

First of all, not all forms of exaggerating are based on having an arrogant attitude. Some do it out of a sense of fun, camaraderie, or even a need to boost one’s feelings of low self-esteem. 

Let me tell you what I think they really mean by the term of “be less arrogant.” It is their disingenuous way of telling white people to stop being so self-confident, proud or positive about their own accomplishments or sense of satisfaction.

Why? What compels such aberrant thinking by a relatively few so-called experts that white people should sacrifice their humanness in an act akin to self-immolation? Is it because they believe people of color are not feeling as self-confident, proud or positive of themselves as white people do? Maybe these pseudo experts need to be offering positive reinforcement seminars to people of color, which would be far more beneficial and enriching to their mental and emotional health, instead of pushing these absurd ideas that the rest of us need to come down to a more negative and less fulfilling level.

I agree that dealing with truly arrogant people can be very unpleasant. Although not limited to certain groups of people, many in the celebrity class display astoundingly cruel forms of arrogance, especially towards fans, employees and members of the working public. Let’s examine a few cases.

Robyn Rihanna Fenty, better known as Rihanna, a high school drop out and the product of a father who was a low level employee with an addiction to alcohol, crack cocaine and beating his wife. You would think that such a sad, dysfunctional upbringing would have taught her compassion and kindness towards others. Instead, she grew up to become an arrogant wealthy black woman who conveniently forgets that her fans put her where she is today. One example of her arrogant cruelty occurred in 2014, when 16-year-old Alexis Carter, a huge fan of Rihanna, decided to wear to her prom a jumpsuit inspired by the Alexandre Vauthier original that Rihanna had worn. It was bad enough that people in the Twitter community went on a bullying rampage, mocking this young woman for emulating her idol. Their brutal memes went viral and soon Rihanna became aware of the attacks and humiliations that this adoring fan was being subjected to. How did Rihanna show her love and compassion? She jumped in and participated, including posting some of her own cruel and heartless memes to add further to this girl’s public shaming. Rihanna’s ego was so delicate and fragile that she went so far as to post a “who wore it better” image comparing her fan against herself. This, right here, is the perfect example of what true arrogance is, committed by a black woman against a black female teenager. As a reminder, here is example two of the definition for being arrogant.

2: showing an offensive attitude of superiority: proceeding from or characterized by arrogance.

You can read about the whole reprehensible incident here:

Michael Jordan, who rode to stardom playing with a basketball, has a reputation for being extremely arrogant as well as abusive. When Hall of Fame inductee Robert Parish decided to sign on with Chicago for his final season, Jordan’s big arrogant ego had a problem with having such a worthy and talented player on the same team. It is reported that Jordan approached Parrish and told him that he did not have his automatic respect, and then he threatened to beat him up! Kwame Brown had been thrilled to be signed to play with the Wizards by his idol, Michael Jordan. That excitement soon changed to regret. Brown had been so badly abused by Jordan that he ended up in tears one night after another of Jordan’s verbal attacks. During this particular incident, which took place at Jordan’s home, Jordan also called Brown a “flaming faggot.” Yet another incident involved the rapper Chamillionaire. While at a party Chamillionaire was thrilled to see Michael Jordan there. He decided to approach Jordan and asked for a photo. Jordan replied… “I’m not taking pictures with a n****.”He took the arrogance even further by tellingChamillionaire that he would take a picture with him if Chamillionaire spent $15,000 on one of his old jerseys.Jordan’s arrogant behavior seems to fit definition #1.

1: exaggerating or disposed to exaggerate one’s own worth or importance often by an overbearing manner.

Check out the full accounts of 15 nasty things the arrogant Michael Jordan has done to others.

Will Smith, the actor. One sentence, uttered to his son Jaden, is all I need to provide to show his extreme arrogance…”Your father’s the biggest movie star in the world, and you’re struggling for your little piece of dignity in this extreme shadow.”

All of the above accounts are perfect examples of arrogance in people who are non-white. However, as bad as they are, nothing compares to the dangerous and destructive arrogance shown by our political elites… Biden, Harris, Pelosi, Schumer, Waters, Booker and the rest of their equally mentally unstable minions, who have the arrogant audacity to believe that we are serfs, slaves, subjects and peons to be controlled and owned, when in fact we are FREE men and women with rights to make our own choices and have our own opinions.

No, arrogance is not exclusively a “white” problem. It is a universal problem found in people of all colors, races, ages, genders and nations. 

I am a white woman. I was born to white parents. My white ancestry has been traced back to the year 950 A.D. I did not determine my own genetic make-up. However, my parents never taught me to be arrogant because of my white skin. They raised me to treat everyone with respect and dignity, no matter what color they were. I am sure the majority of the white population can say the same, and that, my friend, is not arrogant, just simple truth.

Bianca Gwyn

Guest Writer of Radical Pulpit

Coming up next, Part 3 of this series, focusing on “Being Less Certain.”

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Government Mandated Thinking & Action

The “equality” act of 2021 expands government. Big Brother now controls the thought and conscience of Americans. Inhumane treatment of any human is deplorable. Controlling the thoughts of American’s is Unconstitutional. Leftists feel emboldened, Christians speak of “obeying the higher power” from Rom 13. Believers in God cringe that freedom of speech and freedom of thought is a fading thought and will quickly turn to a living hell.

Normalization is a technique to make something that seems different or odd appear more mainstream. A long history of utilization of humor routines, interviews and emotionally stirring articles can be seen throughout the history of our beloved Republic. Leo Hohmann cries out for an Awakening of the Church.

Cowardice, Indifference or lack of biblical knowledge has lead far too many Pastors to remain in their corner feeling safe and empowered as they incorrectly interpret Romans 13 to call Churches and Christians to merely “obey the government”. Tyranny must be stood against and must be swiftly and deftly abolished. Christianity has never been popular. Martyrs for Christ are not fantasy. Burned at the stake, boiled in oil, decapitated and tortured are just a few ways Christianity governments have tried to stop Christianity. History is repeating itself again. Heroes are out there. They are willing to die for their faith. They are living their faith.

My mind wanders to the Christians in “closed” countries. China and North Korea to name a few. The government mandates how and when churches can worship. The U.S.S.R successfully opened many state run churches. Sermons from God had to be approved by the government. Many a “Pastor” yielded to the “higher power” while forgetting the highest power. Oh Lord, may you give me courage to yield to the “highest power” may I render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s and unto God what is God’s.

Religious oppression and control is within scope of HR 5. The time is today the battle is here. Choose you this day whom you will serve. But as for me and my house (and Church) we will serve the Lord.

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Brittle Ears

The brittleness of the ears of society is to hard crack. The candy thermometer is hovering between 300-310 degrees Fahrenheit. Snapping your ears off like a piece of peanut brittle has become common place. Lurking in their basement brittle ear citizens are anxiously awaiting the drop of “Q”. Lapping up every last drop like a thirsty dog. While other fragile citizens protect their ears through refusal of logic and abhorrence to fact. Logic and fact are jack-hammers to the brittleness of ears. No political persuasion is immune to cooking their ears to hard crack.

Today is the day for heroic leaders to speak truth. Many ears will pop off but truth must be unfurled and proclaimed from the rooftops. The truth is not culpable for the brittle nature of the ears of society. Self-inflicted cooking is the convict of brittle ears.