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  • Restrict travel to force compliance!!


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  • Coming to America soon!! If we don’t stop it…


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  • Words of Wisdom on Wednesday

    Follow the Money: Chinese Masks & Destruction of US Energy

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  • Slow Baked Recipes

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  • Government Mandated Thinking & Action

    https://www.heritage.org/gender/report/11-myths-about-hr-5-the-equality-act-2021 The “equality” act of 2021 expands government. Big Brother now controls the thought and conscience of Americans. Inhumane treatment of any human is deplorable. Controlling the thoughts of American’s is Unconstitutional. Leftists feel emboldened, Christians speak of “obeying the higher power” from Rom 13. Believers in God cringe that freedom of speech and freedom…

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  • Jan 2 2024

    Engaging as a patriot biblically is an endeavor rooted in timeless principles that guide one’s commitment to community, justice, and love. The Bible, a sacred text for millions, imparts wisdom on civic responsibility, fostering a deep sense of duty to one’s nation. Biblical patriotism calls individuals to exemplify virtues such as humility, compassion, and righteousness…