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Brittle Ears

The brittleness of the ears of society is to hard crack. The candy thermometer is hovering between 300-310 degrees Fahrenheit. Snapping your ears off like a piece of peanut brittle has become common place. Lurking in their basement brittle ear citizens are anxiously awaiting the drop of “Q”. Lapping up every last drop like a thirsty dog. While other fragile citizens protect their ears through refusal of logic and abhorrence to fact. Logic and fact are jack-hammers to the brittleness of ears. No political persuasion is immune to cooking their ears to hard crack.

Today is the day for heroic leaders to speak truth. Many ears will pop off but truth must be unfurled and proclaimed from the rooftops. The truth is not culpable for the brittle nature of the ears of society. Self-inflicted cooking is the convict of brittle ears.

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  1. Brittleness of the ears is to hard crack? What exactly does that mean? Brittle means hard but easy to break. So your logic or whatever you call it is flawed. God warns of ears that need tickle and people will not hear or listen to sound doctrine. So those people find preachers that say things they agree with and the Preachers oblige them. Just pointing this out because I found this to be very confusing and disturbing coming from a pastor.

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