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  • Victory won! Christianity must rise up and take ground!!!


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  • Social Justice? Part 2

    Be “Less White” – Part 2 – Be Less Arrogant Welcome back for Part 2 of our series exploring Coca-Cola’s racist and discriminatory efforts to make white employees be “less white. In this part we focus on the “Be Less Arrogant” commandment as decreed in the training video they forced employees to indoctrinate themselves with. Be Less Arrogant From…

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  • Outcome Based Education Results

    Comics write sets exposing flawed logic. The crowd is belly laughing and everyone knows it’s only humor. Today, we are living humor. No joke (pun intended) this humor is real life. Skewed yet real. Alarming while factual. The bells are tolling sounding the alarm of war. The battle is upon us. The fight must be…

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  • Jan 2 2024

    Engaging as a patriot biblically is an endeavor rooted in timeless principles that guide one’s commitment to community, justice, and love. The Bible, a sacred text for millions, imparts wisdom on civic responsibility, fostering a deep sense of duty to one’s nation. Biblical patriotism calls individuals to exemplify virtues such as humility, compassion, and righteousness…