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A Rally and Political Warfare

The rights protected in the first amendment from infringement by the government (whether federal or local) includes speech, assembly, religion, redress of grievances and freedom of the press.

While the press is free to speak politically and also free to speak however they choose. They have protected speech. The first amendment was designed to curtail the government from restricting speech. Newspapers, television news, local bloggers and individuals have the right to express their opinion on government and actions or inactions of the government.

News outlets are perfectly in their constitutional right to slant the news to their opinion. While not honest nor ethical they can constitutionally. The goal of many news outlets is sway of public opinion. Giddy reporters salivating for the next juicy out of context sound bite. Purposeful incomplete information is powerful when swaying public opinion. Feckless editors permitting such prose should be illegal yet it is not.

Daily we face the barrage of misinformation and disinformation. Despair is often the response but we must refrain from that. The enemy when squeezed will abuse truth and place blame upon those who are fighting for the truth. Written prose is not inherently truthful. Truth can be written or spoken.

Truth fears no battle. The battle in which we are engaged should not be feared. Wisdom and logic should be utilized.

Fight on Patriots!

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Flatten the Curve of Tyranny

California, New York & New Jersey utilize the same Vaccine Passport system and embrace tyranny and overreach simultaneously. The good Citizens of each of the aforementioned states stand in opposition to the tyranny and unconstitutionality of the actions taken. Yet it spreads daily. The coordination of tyrants is frightening and powerful. Coordinated attacks require a coordinated response. Weekly calls flood in about new groups begging for information and advice to mount an attack against the formidable foe. Groups form with great passion and immense zeal to face the giant. Often these groups are impact their communities greatly and find great pleasure in achieving success at the local levels. Then they call wondering how to coordinate. Without reservation I can recommend the John Birch Society to be a rallying and unifying point for all groups concerned with the overreach and tyranny we are seeing. Whether concerned about masks, forced vaccines, vaccine passports, election integrity, government overreach or the nationalization of our police. The John Birch Society has a proven record providing collaboration, grassroots organization and accurate information to push back against the enemy. Over 60 years of experience in fighting the giant and proof of success. CNN concedes to the effectiveness of the Birch plan “John Birch Society has radicalized more people with the Constitution of the United States than any other organization.”

States, Regions, Cities, Neighborhoods and Groups need to unite and no other place offers the whole package like the Birch Society. Coordinators with experience and knowledge to propel the message of Freedom and Liberty. Coordinators with a desire for you to succeed as a group and a passion to come along side to help you achieve your specific goal. Coordinators with access to the world’s largest private library of Liberty/Patriot material and information. Pro-Constitution, Freedom Loving, Patriot Minded Coordinators with tools to provide force multiplication and results based actions and activities. You lead the group, You keep the reins, You partner with Leaders in the fight. You get tools, information, and partnership with an organization to propel you and your organization forward in this battle against tyranny. is a convenient way to join. Feel free to drop an email to Together we will carry America forward.

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California channels inner Hitler and adopts Nazi rules

California Introduces COVID-19 Vaccine Verification System. This is the time to push back and tell the Government no! Jefferson said it is a rightful remedy to reject overreaching government.

Overreach and infringement on rights in the name of Safety.

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agent provocateur

: one employed to associate with suspected persons and by pretending sympathy with their aims to incite them to some incriminating action

Churches have been known to have a provocateur. The enemy, the devil himself, would love to see distractions promoted. Often this agent is elegantly disguised and quite influential. He/she does very little except disrupt rhythm and feeds fear. Solutions are rejected and self promotion is prominent. His/her way is only allowed. Feigned despise for the real enemy is displayed. More often than not they are seekers of attention and craftily form their actions and habits to cause attention so others know they are present and seemingly engaged while reality shows they are disengaged and in it for selfish reasons and purposes.

A servants heart is rarely if ever exhibited and any service rendered is only given if title or notoriety is attached.

These dangerous menacing agents must be stopped and exposed!!