A Rally and Political Warfare

The rights protected in the first amendment from infringement by the government (whether federal or local) includes speech, assembly, religion, redress of grievances and freedom of the press.

While the press is free to speak politically and also free to speak however they choose. They have protected speech. The first amendment was designed to curtail the government from restricting speech. Newspapers, television news, local bloggers and individuals have the right to express their opinion on government and actions or inactions of the government.

News outlets are perfectly in their constitutional right to slant the news to their opinion. While not honest nor ethical they can constitutionally. The goal of many news outlets is sway of public opinion. Giddy reporters salivating for the next juicy out of context sound bite. Purposeful incomplete information is powerful when swaying public opinion. Feckless editors permitting such prose should be illegal yet it is not.

Daily we face the barrage of misinformation and disinformation. Despair is often the response but we must refrain from that. The enemy when squeezed will abuse truth and place blame upon those who are fighting for the truth. Written prose is not inherently truthful. Truth can be written or spoken.

Truth fears no battle. The battle in which we are engaged should not be feared. Wisdom and logic should be utilized.

Fight on Patriots!

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