Month: August 2021

  • Liability and Mandates

    Opinion: Mandated Vaccinations — Who is responsible for their risks?

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  • Flatten the Curve of Tyranny

    California, New York & New Jersey utilize the same Vaccine Passport system and embrace tyranny and overreach simultaneously. The good Citizens of each of the aforementioned states stand in opposition to the tyranny and unconstitutionality of the actions taken. Yet it spreads daily. The coordination of tyrants is frightening and powerful. Coordinated attacks require a…

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  • Restrict travel to force compliance!!

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  • Jan 2 2024

    Engaging as a patriot biblically is an endeavor rooted in timeless principles that guide one’s commitment to community, justice, and love. The Bible, a sacred text for millions, imparts wisdom on civic responsibility, fostering a deep sense of duty to one’s nation. Biblical patriotism calls individuals to exemplify virtues such as humility, compassion, and righteousness…