agent provocateur

: one employed to associate with suspected persons and by pretending sympathy with their aims to incite them to some incriminating action

Churches have been known to have a provocateur. The enemy, the devil himself, would love to see distractions promoted. Often this agent is elegantly disguised and quite influential. He/she does very little except disrupt rhythm and feeds fear. Solutions are rejected and self promotion is prominent. His/her way is only allowed. Feigned despise for the real enemy is displayed. More often than not they are seekers of attention and craftily form their actions and habits to cause attention so others know they are present and seemingly engaged while reality shows they are disengaged and in it for selfish reasons and purposes.

A servants heart is rarely if ever exhibited and any service rendered is only given if title or notoriety is attached.

These dangerous menacing agents must be stopped and exposed!!

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