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Evil will reign until stopped by Patriots

“Adopting the Biden Administration’s argument, critics warn, ‘would be anathema to the Fourth Amendment’ and would ‘grant police a blank check to intrude upon the home.’”

1 thought on “Evil will reign until stopped by Patriots

  1. Pastor Shrock, EVIL Will reign until the LORD JESUS CHRIST destroys it after the Great White Throne Judgment. Brother Schrock as a Pastor you should know patriots are not the answer. Please get your focus off of America and onto CHRIST Whom you say you serve! “Patriots” are not the solution many are the problem because they are not IN CHRIST and unless they (“patriots”) are in Christ they are in fact enemies of Christ. Forget the battle for America…it is a battle of spiritual nature. Christ against his enemies the antichrist Satan and his followers those unsaved that have the spirit of antichrist. PREACH CHRIST SIR that is the only way to STOP Evil is the Heart change of the LOST. ONLY CHRIST can do that.

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