Winning Strategy

Every coach has a strategy to win. No matter your leaning as to what the best strategy is every strategy comes with basics. Basics are the building blocks of success. If you can’t do the basics you will never win. If you can’t hold onto the football as a running back havoc will ensue. The basic of keeping ahold of the ball outweighs the talent of fast running. A talented guard maybe able to sink a three-pointer from downtown. Yet, if unable to dribble the ball the talent is diminished by the failure to perform the basics.

To progress and move forward with God’s plan we must get back to the basics. Fathers must be fathers. Mothers must be mothers. Families must be families and churches must be churches. Excelling in talent over basics will lead to ruin and demise. Many a talented Pastor has ruined a church with failure to adhere to basics. Talented husbands have ended their marriages in divorce due to ignoring basics.

Little by little, inch by inch, by the yard it’s hard by the inch what a cinch. Basics build upon basics. The world may proclaim and idolize talented individuals but no one is ever truly talented unless they have mastered the basics.

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